Innovating the future of Discord automation.

Notable Features

Fast Logging

Fast event logging with little to 0 downtime!


Your data is completely secure and cannot be accessed by anyone.

Easy To Use

Suited for everyone with its Logging, Moderation and Utility commands!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to add Revinal to your server!

When Revinal is verified the Revinal Team will be applying for the built in discord bot subscription service. As of now premium is free.

First set the logging channel with the following slash command:
/settings enable logging #channel

Now you can enable what type of things you want to log, e.g message logging like this:
/audit enable message

Optional : First set the automod log channel with the following slash command:
/settings enable automod #channel

Now you can enable what you want to be moderated, e.g swear words like this:
/moderation enable bad_words

The following ways are the only way to delete your guilds database.

Create a ticket in the Revinal Support Server

Or Email us at

When doing these options please provide your servers ID and you will be assisted as soon as possible.

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